Our Financial Consultant undoubtedly will have a positive impact on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by drawing on her wealth of knowledge gained throughout her academic and professional career. She is a graduate of the University of Technology Jamaica, where she earned a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA), both in Finance. She has also acquired a Certificate in Investment Management from the Jamaica Institute of Management and a certificate in project management from the University College of the Caribbean.

Her practical accounting and finance skills were developed having worked in the field for approximately ten year (10yrs). She developed and executed various successful business models and was fully responsible for investment portfolio, loan portfolio and cash management for almost three years (3yrs) at the largest privately held tertiary institution in the Caribbean region where she worked as a Senior Financial Analyst.

She also served as Treasury and Budget Manager for Claro Jamaica limited and was fully responsibility for the cash management cycle i.e. payables, receivables, collections and cash management for over two years. She later played a key role on the Digicel Jamaica Group Management’s team both in take over and winding down process through accurate budgeting and cash forecast projections and auditing later re-organizing, developing and implementing procedures and controls for Digicel Group’s collections’ unit. The incumbent will be able to provide analysis, effective management and suggest workable solutions in the areas of payables, receivables, cash management, inventory, investment, cash flow and budgetary management.