Management Information Technology Solution:


This refers to technologically managing the resources of the firm according to needs and priority.

Service Description

  • Develop and implement offsite monitoring tools
  • Acquisition and implementation of video surveillance and access control
  • Manage Back-up and System Security
  • Hardware & Software Implementation/ upgrade
  • Automation of Manual Processes
  • Develop computer Information resources, providing for data control and disaster recovery
  • Develop computer Information resources, providing for data control and disaster recovery
  • Asses and determine the feasibility of technological projects

Business Management Solution:


We Provide assistance in the daily operation to ensure efficiency and productivity within the guidelines of government and the relevant accounting standards.


  • Payroll Tax Filling
  • Company Tax Returns
  • Tax Compliance Certificate T.C.C
  • Preparing and Filing Income Tax Returns
  • General Consumption Tax Returns (GCT)


  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Financial statement Analysis and Decision Making
  • Auditing & Payroll Services
  • Accounting and Software Training
  • Annual Returns / Year end Audit

Treasury Management

  • Budgeting
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Collection Agencies/ Collections Management
  • Working Capital Determination and Management

Marketing Management Solution:


Employing appropriate marketing strategies to create awareness, increase market share and transform small businesses to medium businesses and medium to large businesses.

Service Description

  • Graphics Design (business cards, logo, brochure etc)
  • Design News Paper Ads.
  • Online Marketing & effective analysis Google/Bing/Facebook Set Up
  • Website Design & Development.
  • Website Design & Development eCommerce (buying & selling capabilities)
  • Website Hosting
  • Banners
  • Developing Marketing Plan

Project Management Solution:


We will design or build the layout and create the most appropriate aesthetics inside and outside that will create warmth and an inviting atmosphere while you conserve on energy.

Service Description

  • Space Utilization/ Drywall partition etc.
  • Floor Planning
  • Building Management & Automation
  • Energy Management & Conservation
  • Air Condition installation & Maintenance
  • Land Scaping

Other Solutions:

Service Description

  • Binding
  • Company Formation & Secretarial Service
  • Business Registration
  • Printing